Two-Score’s Two-Score Tales Four: Part One: Icy Cube

The adventurers life isn’t easy. Around every corner there are evil wizards, mad scientists, dangerous puns and fickle GMs. Two-Score and friends continue their investigation into assinations, regular murders, and even encounters a cube of unusual composition. Here we go.

Welcome! Welcome! Yes, I know you’re happy to be here, but we have to get on with the show. Please! If everyone would settle down!

Please pay attention, everyone, for this is a tale all about the vexatious events in the life of my party. In fact, the direction of our lives was completely reversed. Several of our team mates had important obligations in need of attention and were forced to retire from this adventure. In their stead, two new adventurers have stepped forward.

Our steadfast friend, Notorious B.I.G., returned to his Home Library at the behest of his Chapter Master. In his place, the great edifice of learning sent us the enormous William of the Smithy, and archivist and swordsage. Hopefully this great gunmetal machine will be able to take on our foe’s more forcefully than his predecessor.

Our other new addition, M. Mathers, was a far more curious fellow. Though not nearly so tall or imposing as William, he had certain unusual and unique abilities which would render him most useful in future. Mathers was a lupin, a human-canine hybrid, with most of the best advantages of each. His superior sense of smell would certainly aid the party in tracking down our quarries.

Having revealed a scandalous possibility during our investigation, the party was allowed a few days leave between missions. During this time, we are briefed on the important facts concerning our investigation. Our party is to head north, to the port town of Dagonsville. There, we are to investigate leads regarding Admiral Mora’s demise. Our berths at the renowned Mouth of the Deep Inn were already arranged. Before we set out, though, we are to meet the only slightly scorched Dr. Ricardo at his temporary, laboratory.

While it took us some time to locate it, the doctor’s new lab was quite impressive. We were met at the door by a strange individual who introduced himself as Ezekiel, assistant to the doctor. We were led to a large open area where dozens of lab benches were arranged, row upon row.

Alone for a short time, each of us began examining the intriguing details of the chamber. There were several doors leading from the chamber, and I chose one at random to investigate. The door I approached was barred, and chained, heavy locks holding everything fast. Inset, near the top of the door, was a window. Standing on a tall stool, I peered through the small pane of heavy glass. Within was one of the most horrifying creatures I had ever witnessed. The beast was an icy gelatinous cube, nearly two yards to a side. I watched it for a moment, its quivery volume holding me entranced. Suddenly it bounced, and impacted the door. I sprung backward with the grace of an eagle, and landed unharmed.

Without delay, the doctor emerged from his inner sanctum. He had suffered no visible harm from the laboratory explosion, but we were standing in the centre of a cutting edge alchemical research facility, so rapid healing should come as no surprise. The doctor explained the ramification of the information we had uncovered. Our journey ahead would be much more perilous than what we had undergone thus far. As aid, the council had commissioned a magical item for each of us. Each item would compliment our skills, and enhance our already potent capabilities. I was granted a meticulously detailed leather and bronze codpiece. Such a dazzling artifact would surely improve not merely my own performances, but the gusto and pluck of everyone around me.

Thus improved, our party was tasked to take an imperial warship north, to the aforementioned Dagonsville. The warship itself was gargantuan and armed to the teeth. It sported two gun decks, each with ten cannons. Just bellow the water line, the vessel was also equipped with six harpoon launchers. Unless something descended from the sky, we would be well armed to take on nearly any enemy.

That evening we boarded the vessel, and set out on a journey across the sea. Skirting the coast, we will head north for three days. Our travel should be uneventful, and nothing could possibly go wrong. Hopefully none of us will be attacked by killer eagles next time on, Two-Score’s Two-Score Tales.

You are taking a boat. You don’t know where that boat is taking you, but it doesn’t matter. How can it not matter? Find out tomorrow with the conclusion of this week’s adventure.