Input/Output [Episode 6] – On Brand

The new episode is out now, HERE! This week, hosts Sam (@MCPepperpockets) and Brendan (@FreakLabMishap) talk about future projects, creature acting, and our brand. We stream our other podcast, the READ/WRITE book club, tonight at 8pm EST at   Brendan also broadcasts his weekly writing stream every Sunday, at 12pm EST at Accidental Origin.

Input/Output [Episode 3] – I Hate Coffee Cups

Welcome to INPUT/OUTPUT, a podcast where Sam and Brendan have a stream of consciousness chat about whatever’s been interesting them that week. This episode we talk about webcomic, The White Board; crazy 90’s TV show,  Art Attack; fake coffee cups, and Hellboy. Normally we alternate weeks between READ/WRITE and INPUT/OUTPUT, but this week is the Easter […]