Two-Score’s Tales

The tales of Two-Score Tenpence. Originally serialized in weekly instalments, but collected here for your convenience.

The Tale of Two-Score Tenpence

The interview that started it all. A quick and dirty bit of character backstory.


Two-Score’s First Tale

A party of adventurers gather and fight their natural enemies: striking kobolds.


Two-Score’s Two-score Tales Two: Daemonic Boogaloo

Two-Score leads his merry band into a manor and clear the labour disruption from the inside.


Two-Score’s Two-score Tales Three: Hotline Galderia

Following their successful resolution to the kobold strike, the adventurers investigate a growing threat to the governing council of Galderia.


Two-Score’s Two-Score Tales Four: Release the Kraken

The party is tasked with a journey abroad. Aboard their ship, they must fend off wave after wave of enemies from an unknown assailant.


Two-Score’s Two-Score Tales Five: Shadow Over Dagonsville

The party fends off foes and investigates a mysterious village.


Two-Score’s Two-Score Tales Six: We Can’t Stop Here, This is Gargoyle Country

Assumptions are made, old beer consumed and Sally the camel is finally put to good use.


Two-Score’s Two-Score Tales Seven: Rise Up

The party meets new friends, has a fine meal and leads a revolution.