2016: A Book Odyssey

Okay, so I posted a while ago that I had only read eleven books this year. I was so disappointed with myself. Well, after playing around with Goodreads, entering books for days, I realized that was a bit of an understatement. At this point I’ve managed to crank that number up to fifteen novels, plus […]

Too Hot to Handle

I got to work with someone extremely frustrating last week. So infuriating I thought I might be forced to murder them. Unfortunately that kind of behaviour is frowned on were I work. Instead, I decided I would just kill them in effigy, in fiction. And you know what? It really helped. Instead of wanting to […]

The First Rule of Book Club

I’m not a big fan of clubs. I don’t object to the idea itself. Its the people. Everyone else seems to want to be part of a group. I go out of my way not to be. But there is one type of club I’ve always found intriguing. Book clubs at least make sense. I’m […]

More Like Great Reads

I created a Goodreads account a couple of days ago. I then spent a feverish thirty-six hours entering every book I could remember reading. The more I added, the more I remembered, and the more I added. I knew I read a lot of books, but the number of books I had forgotten I have […]

Reading Too Much Into It

I read like it’s my job. Hardcover, soft cover, e-book, audio book: I’ve usually got one of each on the go at any given moment. I’ve always loved reading, being transported into another world, each with their rules, history and people. My hunger for new ideas and worlds seems bottomless. When I was a kid, […]

The Elements of Style

Some of the most well written books I’ve ever read have been the shortest. The ability to boil language down to only what is necessary, only what sends the message you want, is more important than almost any other skill for a writer. Being able to do the same thing while talking about writing is […]