Two-Score’s Tale Seven

Hello, hello! Welcome everyone to tonight’s performance. I know many of you are regulars, familiar with my adventures, but for those of you new to the excitement, I suppose I should offer a summary. Find a seat, or find someone to hold onto, because this is going to be a whirlwind! Read the rest of […]

The Return of Two-Score Tenpence

The D&D campaign my friend’s been preparing has finally begun! I’ve been taking copious notes and, obviously, trying to steer our band of merry adventurers toward ever more bizarre antics. I’ll have something ready to post tomorrow, and it should be a good one. Two-Score, it turns out, is not the best fighter. He is […]

More Bardish Nonsense

I can’t help but over prepare anything I do, so, naturally I started writing as many limericks as I could to give flavour to my spells and songs. I only know a little bit about some of the other characters, so I thought I’d start with some PC specific stuff and work from there.