More Bardish Nonsense

I can’t help but over prepare anything I do, so, naturally I started writing as many limericks as I could to give flavour to my spells and songs. I only know a little bit about some of the other characters, so I thought I’d start with some PC specific stuff and work from there.

The Notorious: a Bio-Infused Golem

A mechanical caster of spells,
Many tongues fill his combative yells,
Yet for all of his size,
His most covetous prize,
Is his pair of swinging brass bells.

Our Draconic Druid

There once was a draconic druid,
Who could spew out a poisonous fluid,
I sang her a song,
What could go wrong?
Her only response was to boo it.


A greatsword as long as my height,
Its swing is a terrible sight,
With ogre-like power,
And a frightening glower,
A pity he’s not very bright!

Roguish Rogue

A taker of thigns locked away,
His morals are quite in the grey,
Keep hold of your coin,
And cover your groin,
For his blows oft go stray.

Next Time: Two-Score+Tenpence can’t help but spend most of his time talking about how great he is.