To a New Land

It was the green light that first caught Aaron’s eye. It seemed not to have a source, just glowing around the figures. A woman and man stood on a balcony, that faced the street, not embracing but intimately close. Aaron stopped mid stride, nearly falling flat. He caught himself, bracing against the rough hewn stone of the wall beside him. His eyes were glued to the figures, and even as he turned to face them his eyes remained locked, unblinking. The balcony was only on the second story, but they seemed further away.

The green glow had its own motion, rippling and distorting the not-quite embracing figures. Their heads turned in unison, eyes locking with Aaron’s. Both extended a hand, palm up. One right, one left. Without a thought, Aaron raised his own hands, fingers extended. Reaching.

There was no sound, even the usual noises of the city silenced for this single second. In that moment, the balcony seemed to approach Aaron, lowering itself to meet the ground. Aaron tried to take a step forward, but found nothing underfoot. The balcony approached, and Aaron’s vision filled with the nebulous green. As his fingers met theirs and they clasped hands there was flash, and the three figures disappeared.


Written as part of Sunday Photo Fiction.

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6 thoughts on “To a New Land

  1. I thought there was something suspicious about that green light when I saw the photo, too. Thanks for explaining, it all makes sense now. Fun take on the prompt!

  2. Well done! Very captivating. When they were joining hands I was anticipating that they would end up being three on the balcony for the next passerby.

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