read/write Episode One!

Its out! I was so excited about it, I completely forgot to post anything. I, and my co-hosts, recorded and broadcast the first episode of read/write, our Twitch book club and podcast on 6 March 2017. In Episode 1, we discuss the first half of Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, one of several novels that formed the basis of The Witcher video games.

For anyone interested, it is posted both as a video HERE, and as an audio podcast HERE. If you are interested in this kind of thing, my co-host, Brendan, streams every Sunday at 12pm EST at Accidental Origin on Twitch.

Tune in on 20 March for Episode 2 and the conclusion of The Last Wish (unofficial subtitle: Gerry the Witchman is never impressed by anything, ever).

One thought on “read/write Episode One!

  1. Loved the podcast and loved the discussion. That genre is not my thing at all but your discussion made the book sound very interesting.

    I am an audio book aficionado. I wonder what means your book club members prefer for processing their literature: audio, e reader or old fashioned physical book? What is the appeal of each method of delivery? Something to include in your future discussions.

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