Monument to Memory

Icy spray struck Haldor’s face as he looked up at the sails. Beside him, Jutta looked on with equal awe. The longship sat, suspended on plinths of concrete and steel. Though the oars no longer moved, they could both hear the crashing waves echo in their memory. The ocean beat against the shore behind them, […]

Let the Photons Fill Your Sails

In Revenger, author Alastair Reynolds takes the reader to a time and place where sail ships plying the trade winds link scattered islands of humanity, and sailors search for buried treasure and adventure. This is a world where things are measured in spans and leagues, travel takes weeks or months between settlements. And all of […]

Rising Tide

The cliffs howled above Daniel, and an icy wind cut through the fabric of his sweater. The rising tide lapped around his ankles and, despite the heavy rubber boots, a chill crept through there as well. It was strange, seeing the sheer, stone face from this angle having looked down on this spot so many […]

READ/WRITE [Episode 3] Tonight at 8pm

I’ll be streaming my bi-weekly book club, read/write,  tonight at 8pm EST on Accidental Origin. We’ll be discussing the first half of Ursula LeGuin’s 1974 novel, The Dispossessed. For the audio only version of previous episodes, check To watch previous episodes, check out the YouTube channel.


Buxur gazed out through the translucent material of the connection tube and watched waves of dust wash against its thin skin. It created the sound of soft rain inside the tube. Outside, the two connected vessels nearly disappeared in the particulate cloud. The ghostly ripple and swirl along the lines of the magnetic shield mesmerized […]

Input/Output [Episode 1] – Infinite Hot Takes

Welcome to the first episode of Input/Output a podcast where Sam and Brendan have a stream of consciousness chat about whatever’s been interesting them that week. This will be posted every second week. Along with READ/WRITE we’ll be posting something every week. This episode we take on such topical subjects as the movie Dredd (2012), […]