READ/WRITE [Episode 4] – True Journey is Return

READ/WRITE [Episode 4] – True Journey is Return Welcome to episode 4 of READ/WRITE, the book club podcast. This week, host Sam, co-host Brendan, and guest, Lucas, discuss the conclusion of The Dispossessed, by Ursula k. Le Guine. We talk about the effect of strong alcohol on the unprepared, peer-pressure, and whether our guesses from […]

INPUT/OUTPUT [Episode 2] – Human Recipes

Welcome to INPUT/OUTPUT, a podcast where Sam and Brendan have a stream of consciousness chat about whatever’s been interesting them that week. This week we talk about AIs cooking humans, Final Fantasy, and outer space (plus lots more). Normally we alternate weeks between READ/WRITE and INPUT/OUTPUT, but next week is the Easter weekend, which means […]