Reading Too Much Into It

I read like it’s my job. Hardcover, soft cover, e-book, audio book: I’ve usually got one of each on the go at any given moment. I’ve always loved reading, being transported into another world, each with their rules, history and people. My hunger for new ideas and worlds seems bottomless. When I was a kid, […]

The Elements of Style

Some of the most well written books I’ve ever read have been the shortest. The ability to boil language down to only what is necessary, only what sends the message you want, is more important than almost any other skill for a writer. Being able to do the same thing while talking about writing is […]

Voight-Kampf Tests for Fun and Profit

I’m a little obsessed with artificial intelligence. So much of the media I consumed as a kid had some kind of android or AI. Daneel Olivia from Asimov’s Robot novels. The Terminator from, well, Terminator. Star Trek’s Data. System Shock’s SHODAN. Hell, even the Transformers cartoons. I thought they were all amazing.

Retail Therapy for Masochists

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we are reminded, in Canada, that Americans have Thanksgiving a month later than we do. And a reminder, if you work in retail, that you are about to get a shit-kicking you think you’ll never forget. But then Christmas happens. And then it happens again […]

The Return of Two-Score Tenpence

The D&D campaign my friend’s been preparing has finally begun! I’ve been taking copious notes and, obviously, trying to steer our band of merry adventurers toward ever more bizarre antics. I’ll have something ready to post tomorrow, and it should be a good one. Two-Score, it turns out, is not the best fighter. He is […]

Walking Through The Dark Forest

  I love science almost as much as I love science fiction. It’s amazing when an author can tell a fantastical tale entirely within the bounds of reality. When the tiniest parts and the biggest parts of our universe intersect and have meaningful impact on the characters and story, I feel a lightening bolt run […]

Mutually Assured Literacy

     Writing is not my day job. Surprise! Even more surprising: I’m not terribly fond of my day job. Most of my time is occupied doing stuff that largely doesn’t matter to me so I can pay for the things that do. Right now, the only thing that does make me feel like I’ve […]